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Kid's piano lessons are more fun with a children's piano book.

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     You can try Piano by Number Kid's Piano Books online using your computer's mouse.

Piano by Number Kid's Piano Books are a good way to interest preschool children in the piano.


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Start piano at home with your child

Start with numbers, then read music

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Kids Piano Books

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Here's a breakthrough in children's music education that makes starting to play the piano fun for kids!

Put the numbered stickers on your piano, and you're ready to play. Beginner piano should be fun, especially for children.

When your child has grown comfortable with the geography of the piano using "piano by number," they're ready to read music and begin their piano lessons

This is the first new method developed in years that consistently delivers better results in introducing children to piano instruction.

Our method is a great way for your child to get started in your own home, at your own pace, before you try piano lessons.  

It's easy. It's kid-tested, and they love it!

Piano Is Easy is a fun kid's piano book and makes a good introduction to kids piano lessons.


Our colorful books are designed to provide kids with preparation for piano lessons, a fun process you can do at home, before you start regular piano lessons. 

It's important to make beginner piano lessons enjoyable, especially for kids. 

And the younger they are, the more fun kids piano should be! Piano by Number is a good choice for preschool piano and builds children's confidence with numbers.

All other methods of piano instruction start kids reading music far too quickly, causing early frustration and eventually leading most kids to quit their piano lessons. 

Read more about how to make piano for kids fun.

We've found this failure can be prevented by starting children playing piano "by number" at home.  

Then make a slow and smooth transition to reading music using our newest beginner piano activity book, I CAN READ MUSIC. 

This remarkable educational tool makes starting reading piano music fun for children. 

Click here for sample pages that will show you how to get started reading music and prepare your kids for piano lessons. 


Why not get started playing fun songs on the piano today? 

Research studies agree that children's piano lessons are an essential part of an enriched early childhood education, producing a 40% rise in math scores as well as better handwriting and problem solving skills. 

Jenny is a child who really enjoys her kid's piano book.Parents should prepare their children for piano instruction in the same way they prepare them to read. 

For example, most parents teach their preschool children the letters of the alphabet long before they ever go to school, and it should be the same with kids piano and reading music

Give your kids a head start at the piano! It's the number one choice for preschool children's piano.

Our method was created by leading children's piano educator,   Emmy Award winning composer and Broadway veteran John Aschenbrenner, whose distinguished academic background includes the University of California at Berkeley, the University of Southern California, and Trinity College of Music, London. 


Put the numbered stickers on your children's piano keys, and you're ready to play fun piano songs. It's easy!  

 Here is what your children's piano keys will look like after you apply the 12 numbered stickers from one of our kid's piano books.  

Above you'll see what your piano keyboard will look like after you apply the 12 numbered, removable stickers. Every illustrated children's piano book contains easy-to-read instructions for applying the removable stickers to your children's piano or electronic keyboard.

Like bicycle training wheels, the numbered, removable stickers are discarded when your child feels more confident with the geography of the piano, and is ready for piano lessons.

It's a great way to introduce kids of all ages to piano lessons.

Click Here to Play Easy Piano by Number Using Your Computer's Mouse!

Our book I Can Read Music is a great way to get children started at the piano.

Our most popular book! 

Everything you and your child need to start having fun at the piano:



Piano Is Easy is a fun children's piano book that includes a 107 page illustrated book with 50 fun, familiar songs

  • PIANO IS EASY (ISBN # 0-9718936-1-6) Sturdily bound, durable, colorful 146 page illustrated song book with 56 familiar kids songs such as Jingle Bells and London Bridge, Play Along Audio CD and removable numbered stickers. An excellent choice for preschool piano! 


Teach Yourself Piano is a 56 minute piano DVD you'll find very useful in children's piano lessons, and is included with every book package order.

  • Every order of PIANO IS EASY includes a FREE copy of the 56 minute DVD video from TEACH YOURSELF PIANO. This entertaining piano instruction video will have you playing piano chords (three piano keys played with the left hand) and fun, familiar songs with both hands right away. That's a $16.95 value free!


Click here for a list of songs.    Click here for sample pages.


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Our children's Play Along Audio CDs are an important element in making the piano fun for kids, and are produced by Grammy Award winner (Sesame Street) Joe Castellon. 

Our colorful books and videos have been created by Emmy Award winning composer and leading children's piano educator John Aschenbrenner and are guaranteed to get your child happily started at the piano.

Piano Is Easy is a fun learning system used to introduce children to the piano.


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